5 years, 4 countries, 3 kids….. a blog about a double Olympian turned Mum….

From double Olympian to full time Mum. From NZ to Ireland to Wales and now we are moving our family to France….but we don’t speak French!
I have ridden a bull, raced a formula challenge race car and skydived over Fiji! I gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Merit) while looking after 2 kids under the age of 3 and am now a Mum to 3 (8, 6 & 7 months old).
Follow me as I share mostly my Mum/Parenting thoughts but also some practical advice based on lessons learned the hard way while travelling and relocating with kids.

A Queen who reigns with kindness.

5 wishes for the future woman I dream my daughter will become.

Admitting You’re Lost…..Takes Courage.

I assume this quest for my next big thing is leftover motivation & enthusiasm from my international sporting days – always living and thinking to be better.   The difference now, is that success at living and thinking to be better looks different to me.

Facebook is my virtual village!

They say it takes a village to raise a child – but in today’s world the village is no longer just your immediate community and family.