Applications are now open to become my new friend!

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I have been living overseas for almost 5 years now and we are about to move to France – our 3rd country in that time (4th if you count NZ where we started!).

Every time we move I leave behind friends that I’ve worked really hard to make and if you have been following my blogs you will notice the closer I get to leaving Wales the more I am talking about friendships!  Whether its age, experience or practise I’m not sure, but as I look back I’m seeing a pattern in those people that become my life long friends & those I leave behind.

So I am posting the following application to all you lovely ladies in Grenoble, France – Please come and be my friend!!

Job Title: A Sister of My Soul and a Friend of My Heart.

If you are interested then you just need to meet as many of the Desirable Criteria listed below which have been collated from previous successful applicants:

  1. When we meet for a walk or run, we end up drinking so much wine that I need Hubby to come and pick me up 3 hours later (or get your Hubby to drop me home)!
  1. You genuinely don’t care if you come around and my house is a bomb site. To be honest this is not likely to happen even on my worst day, but in my mind I’d like to think I could let it all go and that you wouldn’t mind!
  1. You are a giver and a taker.  There are conversations when it will need to be all about you and others that will be about me.  Some will be about a 3rd party and that’s ok too.  We understand how relationship transactions work – you need to fill up your friends emotional bank before you can make any withdrawals, you cannot just keep taking!
  1. When we hang out, we can really hang out. Lounging on the couch, watching movies eating revolting food.  But we never watch the movie because we talk way too much and laugh annoyingly loud – that’s what makes it so great.
  1. Its not what you say to my face but what you say about me behind my back that counts.
  1. You will know I love you even if I don’t speak to you for 4 years!  We have been through enough that we know we are like minded, fun loving women and we enjoy each others company over Prosecco, coffee or kids!
  1. When we do speak, it’s as if we were just chatting this morning.  We sink back into that familiar, easy going conversation.  Because my best-est friends may not always be with me but they are always there for me (shucks, thats just beautiful).
  1. I tell you about my dreams and you ask me what I need from you to help make that happen.
  1. We husband bash.  I very rarely moan about my husband to other people as to me its all a bit  sacred – but lets face it, all women need to let it out sometime!  If I’ve ever moaned to you about Hubby then you are squished right in my (confidential) inner circle!
  1. When my Dad died, you were there.  When my Mum died you were there (even if it was in spirit because you all have adult jobs and kids now!). If you are applying for this position then this is the gold standard that has been set.
  1. We still laugh about the same old jokes from way back when! They will never grow old and we will find new ways to rehash them because they remind us of a younger time.  New friends need not worry – as the saying goes  “friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. Rather, those that came and never left your side”.
  2. I take your kids and you take mine

Applications will never close because finding lovely ladies that I can depend on for support and friendship is like gold dust.

Whether you are a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum), an entrepreneur, a career woman or someone looking for Her Big Life, we all need meaningful friendships that come with no strings or guilt attached.

Just a sweet friendship to refresh my soul – that’s all.

Love, Jaimee Sarah oxo

You can follow my blog by clicking here 🙂 

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