If just one more bloke asks me this question…grrrr!

Twice in recent times, I’ve had the following conversation as I’ve been in a shop or out and about in my running gear & pushing my pram:

Bloke: You’re not one of these mothers that runs with a buggy are you?

Me: No.  But only because I have a bad back and can’t run while pushing 20+kg. Why do you ask?

Bloke: Thank God – I just think they look ridiculous.

Me (in my head): Are you F*^&ing kidding me?

Me: Well, aren’t you lucky that you have so much time to yourself that you get to run on your own?

Bloke: *Silence*

Here’s the thing, bloke in the shop.  Women are allowed to exercise, yes we are.  We can vote and drive cars too.  Shocking as it may seem to some of you whose ideas on a woman’s place are firmly entrenched in the 1950’s still.

I have 3 children, and apart from my one office day where I work 10-11 hours non stop, it is very rare that I am on my own without at least one child – usually my 10 month old baby.   I assume when I see a Mum running with a pram that she doesn’t have family, or a sitter or any other spare time either.

I envy the lady who has the motivation to go running while pushing 20+kgs around just so she can get out of the house and do something for herself.  As I drive by in my car watching her walk, plod, run or jog I am thinking: ‘She is doing more than me right now – good on her!’

So bloke in the shop, before you go throwing around ignorant comments, take a long hard look in the mirror at your middle aged pot belly and consider going for a run yourself – but not with a pram because a) you might look ridiculous and b) you probably couldn’t do it anyway (run & push a pram that is – like childbirth it’s actually way harder than you think it looks).

I see very few MEN out running with prams and the ones I do, I applaud because they are MAN enough to give their wives a break.

So, next time you feel these, or any other, words of stupidity rising up your throat that are only designed to make a Mum feel bad about herself, use the noggin that God gave you and remember your Mum’s advice “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

Or, how about you say well done to her for using what little energy (& time) she probably has to exercise.  And well done for looking after herself.

You know what, she probably has a husband like you sitting at home not helping her with the kids, not helping around the house, not cooking dinner, just expecting her to do it all because she has been at home all day doing nothing but drinking coffee & watching soaps.  You’re the kind of bloke that will always believe your full time job is more demanding and tiring than either child birth,  child rearing or housekeeping could ever be.

I think that the only reason either of these blokes made that comment to me, was to try and belittle me – to make themselves feel better because the thought of me exercising, even with a baby, somehow made them recognise their own lack of motivation and effort.

Well, you can sod off!  I am not a dumping ground for your insecurities and God help the next bloke in a shop that tries that line on me again.

Much love to all the Mammas out there looking after themselves –

Run tall, run proud & keep on pushing!

Jaimee Sarah oxo


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