A Queen who reigns with kindness.

Compared to my two boys, raising my daughter Lily is like chalk to their cheese!

My girl has been different to her brothers in every way from the day she was born (apart from the obvious physical differences!).  She brings a gentleness.  The boys had this, but it’s different with Lily.

As a Mother I feel an extra responsibility when it comes to raising her from a baby, to a teenager and into a woman.

For my boys, I have always felt that our key roles as parent’s is no different from any other parent. To teach them empathy, love, connection, respect, kindness – the emotional stuff.  We’ve always tried to display an honest work ethic, manners, commitment, competition, morals, you get the picture.  Although the way they treat their future wive’s and how they show respect towards women, I think, depends more on how their Dad models that behaviour.

For Lily, I believe that how she sees herself in the world relies more heavily on actions I display.

While it’s easy to list 20 generic traits that I hope she will establish and build on through her life, I can’t help but think that trying to teach every desirable trait is like buying one packet of grass seed for an entire field….you’ll end up with sparse, random patches but no one spot will be lush, green and full.

So if I was to narrow my focus and concentrate on a only a few rather the many, here is where my heart leads me when I think of Lily and the woman I hope she will become:

  1. She will become a Queen that reigns with kindness and with her head always held high.
  1. She will attract soul-friends that are true and loyal, that will walk with her, run away with her, stand beside her, hold her up and wish her nothing but success.
  1. She will choose love and light over hatred and darkness.  Even in the face of oppression, jealousy, insecurity and fear she will stand up for what is right and respond with love.
  1. When she gets, she will give.  She will understand that there is always someone in need and giving feels way better than receiving.
  1. By living #1-4 above, she will have everything she needs to always do what makes her happy


I’m a woman. Phenomenally. 

Phenomenal woman. That’s me.

-Maya Angelou-

It’s a simple list really, yet also incredibly daunting.

But can you imagine the world with this woman in it?  I can, and it paints an inspiring future for all those that will walk beside her.

Jaimee Sarah oxo

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  1. Denise Claxton says:

    Amen! Awesome aspirations for this little princess. 🤴

    Liked by 1 person

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