Calm School (for kids)

Welcome to Calm School with Mackai & Carlos!

Finding Jaimee | Calm School for kids
Mindfulness for kids created by kids (TM)

These videos were inspired, created, scripted and imagined by my 8 and 6 year old boys, Mackai & Carlos (with a little editing and uploading help from Mum!)

Mackai thought it would be helpful for other kids to watch other kids (his words), rather than adults!  So, they are for kids of all ages to help manage their feelings when they get all crazy and out of control!!!

The “My Story: My Rules” series includes fun story ideas that you can do with your child which match the videos – download them, share them and have fun.


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Calm School: Lesson 1 | Feeling Angry

Story Starter | Feeling angry TM

Calm School; Lesson 2 | Feeling Lonely

Story Starter | Lonely Crocodile TM

Calm School: Lesson 3 | Too Excited to be Calm!

Story Starter | Too Excited to Calm Down TM

Calm School: Lesson 4 | Bad Dreams

Story Starter | Bad Dreams Scary Monster TM

Calm School: Lesson 5 | Bullying at School

Story Starter | Bullying TM

Calm School: Lesson 6 | Bored in Class?

Bored in Class | Story Starter

Calm School: Lesson 7 | Has Anyone Ever Made Fun of You?

Making Fun of People | Story Starter

Calm School: Lesson 8 | Telling Lies!

Telling Lies | Story Starter

Calm School: Lesson 9 | Mindful Thoughts

Calm School: Lesson 10 | Staying Calm in Water

Finding Jaimee | Calm School for Kids